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17 top tips for LinkedIn

Kerry Hull

Kerry Hull | Marketing Director

Thursday 6th Aug, 2020

This article will give you some of our top tips on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage in order to build up your network effectively and seek those all important new contracts.

  1. Make sure you regularly complete and update all the sections on your profile page.
  2. Personalise your invitation to connect.
  3. Introduce yourself and say hello once you have made a new connection.
  4. Highlight someone that you see is a role model LinkedIn networker and learn from them.
  5. Join a group related to your field of interest and continuously contribute to it, with relevant, insightful content.
  6. Remember, sharing and networking will increase your chances of hearing about new contracts when seeking that next role.
  7. Introduce your connections to one another if you feel that there is a mutual benefit for both parties in doing so.
  8. Regularly update your status with new, interesting content, to ensure you are staying at the forefront of your connections minds.
  9. Use your well established connections to meet other key connections.
  10. If you are seeking employment at a particular company, try and connect with a current employee and build a relationship with this individual in order to gather more useful information.
  11. Remember, a fully completed profile and effective use of keywords will improve your findability.
  12. Give other users recommendations and endorse their skills to increase the chances of them reciprocating on your profile.
  13. If you can't find a group to join that covers your field of interest, then set one up yourself.
  14. Promote your LinkedIn profile, customise your profiles URL and add the link to your email signature.
  15. Download the LinkedIn mobile app so you can remain responsive at all times.
  16. Check out industry leader's company pages to keep up to date with hot topics and changes.
  17. Frequently connect, share and like to ensure your profile is regularly on other users news feeds.

These top tips will keep your personal LinkedIn profile up to date and increase your odds of finding that next contract. And don't forget to follow PayStream on LinkedIn as well as Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on all of the latest news and insights.

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