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In the Spotlight - October 2017

Paystream News

Michelle Derungs

Thursday 19th Oct, 2017

This month we are introducing a member of our Customer Care Team, Ellie Tolson. This is a chance to let you get to know who you are working with a little more closely...

Role: I am a Customer Care Advisor at PayStream, which involves being the first point of contact for contractors and agencies that have any queries.

About me: I've just moved to Manchester after going to university and living in Bristol for 5 years, but before that I grew up in the Lancashire countryside. My degree is in Psychology and Criminology (no I can't read your mind!) but my real passion is going on holiday and seeing the world.

Career / Personal high: I'm awful at saving money for holidays so I've become really good at finding cheap holiday deals. Last year I spent 3 nights in Venice and 3 nights in Rome, with all travel, accommodation and breakfast included for £129 per person!

Likes: Dogs (I'd love either a French Bulldog or Dalmatian), travelling and Greek food.

Dislikes: Driving in the dark, red wine and being outside in the rain.

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