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PayStream roll out optimised version of our phone app

Paystream News

Alex Victoratos

Thursday 29th Sep, 2016

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out new versions of our phone app into our testing site. There are no new features within the app, other than slight tweaks to the processes, the main changes are to ensure that the app is optimising for the latest versions of iOS, Android and for bigger screen sizes, including ensuring the background functionality is smoother and slicker.

As new phones are released and updates to the operating systems are patched in, our developers always ensure that they are on the forefront of these changes to ensure that our app is constantly performing at its best.

We're still maintaining the approach where the apps are developed natively on each platform, talking to a common API (rather than using Xamarin, or similar) as we feel this produces the best quality application, despite the extra work in both development and testing.

Watch this space for updates on features and release dates in the app store.

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