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Temporary workers benefit as demand for staff grows

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Michelle Derungs

Monday 21st Sep, 2015

Figures from the latest JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), show that 98% of end clients plan to sustain or grow their number of temporary workers while the general demand for staff looks set to rise.

It appears that this high demand is a due to the growing skills shortage, with 79% of end clients stating that the reason they need temporary workers is to gain short term access to strategic skills. The survey found this to be the most crucial reason as to why end clients use temporary workers. Driving and distribution skills were found to be in the shortest supply with end clients planning to increase 10% of temporary vacancies over the next year.

It was also mentioned in the report that 86% of end clients have future plans to increase the number of permanent employees within the next three months.

Pay was another factor mentioned in REC's survey with pay rises being 40% more likely within the private sector and 20% in the public sector.

Kevin Green, REC's Chief Executive mentioned "Our data tells us that the vast majority of the businesses we surveyed are operating at close to full capacity. However a continued lack of workers with the appropriate skills means that temporary staff are increasingly needed to fill areas of skills shortage".

It is clear that temporary workers will continue to benefit from the skills shortage, while end clients struggle to retain talent. Although the private sector is willing to pay more to source these strategic skills, the government will have to address the growing skills shortage in the long term.

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