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10 top tips to give your limited company a professional image

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Michelle Derungs

Tuesday 13th Oct, 2015

Creating a professional image for your limited company can help you as a contractor stand out from the crowd and potentially win new contracts.

And here we outline 10 top tips that can help you build a professional image for your limited company.

1. Create a website

Before you create a professional website you must choose your domain name. Try and be tactical when choosing this, for instance try and choose a domain name that won't become out of date and always ensure you buy .com, and .org variants of the domain name. Although the design and hosting of your website might cost you, content management platforms such as WordPress are free. Your own website will be a great place to refer potential clients to and will boost your online professional image.

2. Create a company logo

If you are already in the design industry you may be able to do this yourself, however paying a designer to create a professional looking limited company logo will also give you an edge over your counterparts.

3. Company stationary

Create business cards and letter headed paper with your company logo on. can be a great tool to do this.

4. Customised email signature

Your email signature should contain your contact details, personal website and limited company logo.

5. Self-promotion

Once you have your online profiles set up, including your website and social media profiles, the next step it to promote yourself. Social media platforms, especially the likes of LinkedIn, can be a great way to do this by giving you easy access to past and potential clients as well as industry professionals.

6. Sign up to professional bodies

Alongside social media, professional organisations such as the FSB and contractor specific organisations such as IPSE can be another great way to network with industry professionals.

7. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Online marketing tools such as PPC can help you appear at the top of Google's search engine. Although there is a cost associated with your ads, PPC can be a great tool to promote your limited company quickly and give you a step above your competitors. The amount you spend is also easily managed via your AdWords account.

8. Contractor forums

Being active on contractor forums by answering industry related questions and creating content on areas around your profession, which can then be shared on the likes of LinkedIn and your website, will portray you as a knowledgeable industry professional.

9. Up to date CV

Always ensure your CV is kept up to date and ensure that a virtual copy is available for download from your website and LinkedIn page so it's always easily accessible for clients.

10. Personal recommendations

There's no better way to promote and build your limited company's professional image than individual recommendations. Try and encourage recommendations from previous clients and past colleagues and make sure these are visible on your website and LinkedIn page.

Remember, the onus of operating as a limited company contractor is that you have to seek new contracts for yourself. Therefore, portraying a professional image will not only give you the advantage over your competitors and impress potential clients, but can also mean the difference in winning or losing future contracts.

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