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How effectively do you manage your time as a limited company contractor?

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Kerry Hull

Friday 6th Nov, 2015

Effectively managing your time may be more important than you think!

Time management is a vital, yet often underrated skill in the business world. Failure to manage time efficiently within your professional career will lead to a wasting of company resources, not to mention the resulting loss of revenue. While it's often seen as a soft skill by leaders, a recent poll showed just how harmful a lack of competency in this area can be.

Research from Randstad revealed that multitasking is on the rise as individuals struggle to keep up in increasingly digital workplaces. Indeed, multitasking was found to be a requirement of almost nine in every ten placements. Those working in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London will most likely need to operate in this way, while roles in Cardiff and Sheffield were the least likely to require such skills.

As Randstad underlined, a whole host of problems come hand in hand with this increase in multitasking. After all, at its core the concept means that tasks you are working on are often interrupted.

When broken down into different sectors it was found that people working in HR were best able to get back on track after a disruption. Indeed, they claimed it took them just three minutes to get back on top of their workload after such an event.

So how can limited company contractors ensure that multitasking isn't harming their productivity

Switch off

One option is to distance yourself from temptation. Due to the fact that contractors are in charge of their own time, this is a tactic they are well placed to take advantage of.

In order to maintain productivity, there's nothing wrong with shutting down emails, logging out of social networking sites and silencing phones for the time it is going to take to complete various tasks.


Better planning is another way to avoid the pitfalls of multitasking. Sitting down at the beginning of the week or month and grouping similar activities together will help to stop you from losing your train of thought by needlessly jumping from one task to another.

Additionally, there are plenty of software, apps, and handy tools to help contractors plan their time and resources. Those running limited companies in particular may want some help with their limited company admin - and PayStream's limited company service, My PSC, will do just that, advising contractors when needed, leaving them to get on with what they do best.

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