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7 Common interview mistakes

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Michelle Derungs

Friday 6th Mar, 2015

As a limited or umbrella company contractor, making the switch from contract to contract may mean numerous job interviews.

If you've successfully managed to land yourself an interview, well done! Here are our 7 deadly interview sins for you to avoid.

1. Speaking badly of a former client

Even if you have had a traumatic experience with a former client or agency, it is never a good idea to bad mouth them. It will shine you in a negative light and make your potential client worry that you would show them the same courtesy in future contract roles..

2. Inappropriate dress

Irrespective of the role or company, it is always important to present yourself formally for an interview. Avoid loud flashy prints and jewellery, you want the interviewer to pay attention to you, not your bling. The same goes for overpowering perfume, aftershave and makeup.

Not doing your research

Knowing nothing about the company or the role you are applying for will cast you in a very negative light. Even though, as an umbrella or limited company contractor, you are working there for a limited period of time, having an understanding of the company and role is crucial and shows you are truly interested in getting the position.

4. Not being prepared

Long hesitations and uncertainty can be a result of being underprepared. At the very least, before you walk through the door you should have answers ready for the standard interview questions, such as; 'Why do you want to work for us' and 'What skills do you have that suite the role' etc...

5. Not following up

Always ensure you send a follow up message within 24 hours following your interview. Even to simply say 'Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you'. It shows you have a keen interest in the role on offer.

6. Avoiding eye contact

Not maintaining eye contact during an interview looks unprofessional and indicates that you are not truly sure in what you are saying. Making eye contact with your interviewer and keeping your answers to the point will portray you as a confident, capable individual.

7. Avoid pay rate negotiations

Your prospective client wants to know that you are here because you are interested in the contract on offer. If you bring up hourly rate straight away they are going to think your sole motivations revolve around money.

For some umbrella or limited company contractors, interviews skills will have to become a second nature. These golden rules highlight some of the crucial interview technique don'ts. By avoiding these it should help you to secure that all important contract.

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