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5 of the most in demand skills for IT Contractors in 2015

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Michelle Derungs

Thursday 19th Feb, 2015

As companies grow increasingly dependent on technology, regardless of what industry they operate in, the demand for specialist umbrella and limited company IT contractors will continue to grow. So, with the skills shortage still prevalent in this sector, we highlight what skills will be most in demand for 2015.

Mobile Development

Unsurprisingly the demand for businesses to incorporate mobile will continue to grow for years to come. Advanced Business Solutions recently highlighted that "62% of employees in mid-market businesses in the UK want to see greater investment in mobile technology to access back office systems in order to boost their productivity".

This growing trend will continue to drive demand for specialist IT contractors. According to Statista, it is thought by 2017 90.1% of the global internet population will access online content via their mobile phone, which is vast growth compared to the 73.4% current users.


Java currently runs on more than 850 million computers globally; including billions of TV and mobile devices. Although this programming language has been around for more than 20 years, there is no sign of it dying down any time soon.

As demand for technology continues to grow and advance, contract developers who can specialise in Java will play more of a key role.


Reports of online hacking and stolen data, even from that of globally established brands, is becoming a more frequent occurrence. According to Technojobs, the number of job vacancies in cyber security has risen over 100% in one year, being one of the most sought after IT skills.

With online security still being a relatively new field in modern day technology, there is a lack of skilled IT contractors available in the market.


Microsoft Windows dominates 90% of the market share when it comes to operating systems, so the ability to write code for computers running on this operating system is essential.

.NET software was tailored for the Windows operating system, so the demand for skilled IT contractors to have an in depth understanding of this software is essential.

Data Analysis

The growing use of technology in our everyday lives over recent years has meant that companies can gather information from a much wider source. However, this has left many businesses with big amounts of data that they are struggling to do anything with.

According to Forbes, the demand for Computer Systems Analysts with big data expertise has increased 89.9% in the past 12 months.

Moving forwards

As an umbrella or limited company contractor, understanding what skills are in demand now and what will be in demand for the future allows you to ensure you are tailoring your skill set in the right areas. Having skills which are in demand gives you greater leverage on the contracts you choose to take and the pay rates you can negotiate.
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