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Are contractors happier because they don’t deal with office politics?

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Kerry Hull

Thursday 3rd Dec, 2015

Adecco Retail recently revealed that one-third of UK workers cite office politics as a main contributor to overall unhappiness in the workplace.

Office politics uses power and social networking to achieve a change that best benefits a single person more than the overall situation or organisation. The fear of going into such political work environments even caused 28 per cent of UK workers to call in sick to avoid the situations.

For contractors, dealing with office politics very rarely happens and here are some of the reasons why.

Choosing when and where to work

Since limited company contractors often work outside of normal working hours, work at home, and work in multiple locations at once, their schedules usually will not overlap with full-time employees vying for their next promotion.

As limited company contractors are essentially their own boss, making up their own schedule is a key benefit for many. If they find themselves working at a company with strain due to office politics, they are able to arrange their schedule to avoid such complications and remain free of any difficulties that full-time employees could not avoid.

Short-term working

With the nature of contractor work, you’re unlikely to stay at one particular company for an extended period. While this might be seen as a negative to many people, this is actually a great advantage for all contractors.

As you are only working with the same set of people for a period of short time, it is difficult to engage in any office politics. Rather than getting caught up in power struggles in the office, contractors are able to remain conflict-free and focus on their work.

Having this concentrated mindset is not only helpful for the contractor, but for the business as well. Dedicated workers are invaluable to companies, especially when they bring along the quality expertise that contractors have.

Happiness for all

Alex Fleming, managing director of Adecco commented: "A good office dynamic is crucial for happy and productive workplaces. The prevalence of office politics as a cause of such severe stress is an indication that many organisations are struggling to manage their office culture."

When contractors are regularly used in workplaces, the need for power moves are less important, and thus culture is more relaxed.

A recent Harris Interactive study found that 86 perfect of contractors say their job satisfaction is very good or excellent. Increased job satisfaction is also linked to improved health, including fewer complications caused by stress.

For business owners looking to reduce office stress, contractors are a great option. And for those looking to avoid office politics, contracting can offer substantial benefits to lead to greater overall job satisfaction.

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