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How to switch off from your limited company while you're on holiday

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Kerry Hull

Thursday 27th Aug, 2015

Putting your out of office on and heading off on holiday means leaving your ever-full email inbox and the stresses of work behind, right?

As a limited company contractor, you'll know that switching off from your business for a week or two can be a little more challenging - after all, you're the one responsible for bringing the money in or if anything goes wrong.

However, according to new research, you're not alone, as a significant number of nine-to-five workers also struggle to get through a break from the office without checking their emails.

The research

Call answering service alldayPA questioned 1,000 UK workers about their holiday habits, finding that 25 per cent check and reply to their work emails from their sun lounger, while 19 per cent take work-related calls when they're on holiday.

Eight per cent also admitted to taking their laptops with them so they could take advantage of the peace and quiet of their getaway to finish pieces of work, but the vast majority (86 per cent) used their smartphones to keep in touch with work matters. More than three-quarters (76 per cent) said they would be using their hotel's WiFi to gain access to the internet purely for work-related purposes during their holiday.

Although 23 per cent reported that these habits were having an adverse effect on their family relationships, with their children or partner complaining about them working while they were meant to be off duty, they intended to carry on keeping in touch with the office regardless.

Reuben Singh, chief executive officer at alldayPA, commented: "The devices we rely on at home to keep us connected no longer stop connecting us just because we leave the country.

"Work-related worries follow us on holiday, making it hard to unwind and take a much-needed break from our day-to-day lives."

Recent research from the Trades Union Congress shows that many of the country's full-time workers miss out on their full legal entitlement of paid holidays each year. In light of this, it's vital that you take advantage of your privileges as a contractor and make the most of your breaks.

Digital detox

One way that Mr Singh recommends workers switch off from their job while they're on holiday is by having a digital detox. This involves leaving phones, laptops and tablets at home, which subsequently forces workers to relax and enjoy their time away.

He explained: "It breaks the cycle of dependency, allowing even the busiest person to leave the mobile behind and focus on their holiday enjoying a restful, communication-free break without worrying about missing calls or messages."

"We can no longer allow ourselves to be victims of technology and smartphones. It's time to appreciate the flexibility technology and smartphones provide in day-to-day business and realise that to maintain human business interactions 24/7 doesn't mean sacrificing 24/7 of our personal lives to do it."

Remember that you don't want to be spending your holiday recharging your devices - you should be recharging your own batteries so you return ready to lead your business towards success.

Avoid going away during a tax deadline

Aside from switching off from technology, what else can you do to leave your business behind while you're on holiday?

There are various tax deadlines that limited company contractors need to be aware of as they are very specific to each individual limited company and failure to make payment on the specified deadlines could result in interest charges and penalties.

If you are planning to take time off, make sure you avoid these periods so you are available to make payment when it is due as it's not always possible to make payments in advance.

Let PayStream help

With PayStream's My PSC service you get access to our innovative online portal which provides not only a snapshot of your company finances 24/7, so you know what you have available to withdraw and what to hold back for tax, but it also provides a tax timeline so you can plan your time off in advance around your tax deadlines.

Having 24/7 access to your company's financial information is just one of the reasons why contractors are turning to PayStream's My PSC service. So if you would like to know more of what My PSC has to offer, please contact a member of our team today on 0161 929 6000 / 0800 197 6516 or via

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