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The big picture - April 2015

Paystream News

Paul Malley

Thursday 23rd Apr, 2015

In this month's newsletter we cover off the new agency reporting for the Onshore Employment Intermediaries Legislation and how our new Agency Portal can help along with what we've been up to in the last couple of months.

Since our February newsletter we have also been sharing with you the findings from our contractor insights survey in the form of various articles, the first of which was entitled 'How loyal are UK contractors'. This article revealed that our survey findings showed a strong sense of loyalty amongst the UK’s temporary workers. The second article released was entitled 'How highly do contractors value recruitment agencies'. This article looked at the relationship contractors have with their recruitment agencies and their recruitment consultants. Both of which can be viewed in the Agency Info section of our Blog.

More articles will be released over the course of this month so keep an eye on the trade press for more insights into who exactly UK contractors are and how good agencies are at matching contractor's skills to placements. We have had a lot of interest from the Agencies we work with to dig deeper into our findings as they have found these insights helpful in helping them to understand their audience better. If this is something you would like to do please contact our Sales Director, Ashley Olliver at

We had a really strong finish to Q4 with a win in the Contractor UK Reader awards along with some really positive PSL win's. We have also had some great results and feedback from our latest Agency Satisfaction Survey, the stand out result being that 97% of consultants would refer our services to a colleague so it’s safe to say that we finished last year on a high and intend to keep this momentum up into the new financial year!

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