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Temporary worker recruitment levels increased

Paystream News

Michelle Derungs

Friday 10th Apr, 2015

According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation's (REC's) latest JobsOutlook survey for February 2015, almost every client asked plans to boost the number of temporary workers in the coming quarter.

This optimistic forecast is further supported with March's JobsOutlook survey, which highlighted that 98% of clients claim that they will retain or increase the number of temporary staff within the next three months, a 2% increase from January.

Growth is also expected for permanent employees with 8 in 10 employers (79%) planning to increase the number of permanent workers over the next quarter. The other 13% of those asked in REC's latest survey expect to retain the current levels of staff, with just 8% saying they plan to cut staffing numbers.

These latest figures show a continued month-on-month growth in the number of clients highlighting their need for a larger workforce with nearly 4 in 10 clients (39%) claiming that they have no capacity to take on more work without more workers, and a further 56% have very little capacity.

The survey further highlighted that 24% of clients anticipated a scarcity of temporary workers, especially those with engineering and technical skills. Thus this growth in demand certainly suggests a bright future for umbrella and limited company contractors, giving the highly skilled greater leverage to demand more attractive pay rates.

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