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What does the future look like for IT contractors?

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Alex Victoratos

Wednesday 24th Sep, 2014

Limited company contractors specialising in the field of IT are working in one of the world's most exciting - albeit constantly changing - sectors, meaning they need to take steps to ensure they stand out from the crowd when it comes to being selected for jobs.

Here, we're going to explore what the future looks like for IT contractors, alongside how we at PayStream can help to lighten the load of what is an extremely busy role.

What's changing?

Over the past decade or so, the world has entered something of a technological era, with the majority now reliant on the internet, the cloud and their smartphones to complete just about every day-to-day task.

Therefore, IT contractors are in increasing demand and with many industries facing something of a talent shortage, it is important that such workers are paying attention to enhancing their skills throughout their career.

Although the sector is constantly changing and looks set to continue to evolve even further over the coming years, there are a number of skills that are currently highly coveted in the industry.

These include knowledge of the cloud and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, as well as website development and rolling out the latest software that could enhance business performance.

Knowledge of big data solutions and online project management is also currently useful for contractors to possess, but with the industry altering constantly, it is important workers do their own research and keep an eye on current trends too.

In addition, with more technological equipment being used in both domestic and commercial life, it is likely IT contractors will be called out more regularly to fix problems, meaning a welcome increase in pay and work for some, but also a greater amount of stress and a busier lie for others.

With flexible working becoming an increasingly popular employment option, IT contractors may find themselves called out to people's homes more often, when equipment based outside of the office that is vital to a company's productivity fails, meaning their regular working environment may change.

Although it is impossible to predict the technological developments that could take place within the next decade and beyond, it certainly looks as though IT contractors will continue to be in high demand for many years to come.

Stay ahead of the skills game

For contractors who have worked in the IT industry for many years, much will have changed since they initially started operating in the sector, so they will no doubt have had to acquire new skills along the way to ensure they can remain competitive with others when it comes to recruitment for roles.

While having a high volume of work is great for contractors - guaranteeing them a certain amount of job security and pay - blocking out a few hours a week from their schedule would allow them to attend the latest seminars, training sessions and workshops to gain new skills.

Additionally, creating a LinkedIn profile can help to make contractors appear more visible to recruiters, potentially securing them further work in the future. As this is a business-centred social media platform, it would be extremely valuable for those working in the IT industry to have a presence on there.

How could PayStream help?

While setting up a limited company is an extremely tax-efficient way of operating for contractors, there is a significant amount of paperwork and a certain level of financial skill required in this.

Therefore, we suggest that contractors get in touch with us to discuss our limited company service, My PSC. At PayStream we know how valuable your time is which is why our limited company service, My PSC, acts as a safe pair of hands to help contractors with their limited company admin, advising them when needed, leaving our contractors to get on with what they do best - all safe in the knowledge that you've got the most tax-efficient service.


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