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Non UK contractors on the increase

Paystream News

Daniel Haslam

Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014

As the economy continues to strengthen we are seeing further increases in enquiries from contractors based home and abroad. Dealing with contractors who are not resident in the UK can be a little more challenging but PayStream have the experience to assist, whether they require an umbrella or PSC solution.

There are a number of considerations that can make the set-up process more complicated. Firstly foreign contractors need to ensure they have the necessary identification in place so we can complete our 'right to work in the UK' checks. In particular it is important that, if a visa is required, the relevant tier is known and the criteria is satisfied. For example this can present challenges if a contractor wants to set up a PSC and they have a requirement for their visa to be sponsored.

If a contractor is wanting to set up a PSC then they will also need a business bank account. This can be difficult in the short term as UK banks will require 3 months of proof of address to create an account and it can often be the case that contractors are living in temporary accommodation when they arrive in the country. In this scenario we recommend setting up with our umbrella service to ensure we have a means of paying a contractor whilst they wait for the bank process to complete.

It is important that these procedures are outlined to a contractor to ensure the process is as speedy and straightforward as possible.

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