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How much of an impact are compliance issues having in the recruitment industry?

Paystream News

Julian Ball

Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014

Contractors are becoming more risk averse as they see HMRC compliance activity increase. For example, historically, contractors were willing to take a chance on offshore schemes on the basis that they were unlikely to be challenged by HMRC.

Recently, HMRC has managed to force disclosure of contractor names from scheme operators in places like the Isle of Man. Thousands of letters have been issued to contractors, giving them an opportunity to settle unpaid UK tax before enforcement action is taken.

This has led to a general switch to onshore umbrellas or PSCs, not just from those contacted by HMRC but other contractors who realise that the net is closing around them. Recruitment agencies have also been forced to look more carefully at how contractors are paid, since they are potentially at risk if their contractors use these schemes.

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