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4 reasons why Facebook is essential for recruiters

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Michelle Derungs

Tuesday 28th Oct, 2014

As a recruitment consultant, you will always be on the hunt to seek new methods that help source candidates, especially those with highly sought after skills that may be rare in certain industries.

There is no doubt that social platforms, especially the likes of LinkedIn, are growing in popularity when it comes to a consultants hunt for the ideal candidate. However, what seems to be going untouched is Facebook Ads. This method allows recruiters to create job ads for a highly targeted audience which will not only reach job hunters but also individuals who aren't seeking work but have skills that are in demand.

Here we outline 4 reasons why Facebook Ads can be an ideal tool for recruiters.

It's a less direct approach

Traditional headhunting is a very direct way to recruit and can be off putting for candidates that aren't actively seeking work. This is because it can make an individual feel as though they are being poached from their current role.

Facebook Ads offer a less direct approach by highlighting current vacancies in an individual's news feed. Due to the subtle and targeted way in which it works it can be a more effective method of seeking those niche candidates. However it is important to make sure that you link the ad to a contact form so that you can capture a person's interest there and then.

Wider target audience

Although LinkedIn is growing in popularity, the number of people that use Facebook is a staggering 1.317 Billion, with 24 million of those based in the UK. This vastly outweighs LinkedIn's 10 million UK users.

This wider target audience increases your chance, as a recruitment consultant, of finding candidates with rare or highly sought after skills.

You can control your cost

Although there is a small cost associated with Facebook Ads, the benefit of finding those ideal candidates vastly outweighs the small cost that comes with Facebook Ads. What's more, you can control your budget and spend as little or as much as you'd like.

It works on either a cost per impression basis, so you only pay per thousand that see your ad, or on a cost per click basis, so however many times your ad is clicked. What this means is that you only incur a cost when your goal is being met.

The amount you pay varies on how competitive the ad is, but this usually falls between the 10p - 50p mark. You can also set a maximum daily spend to ensure that you don't run over your advertising budget.

Highly targeted

The greatest pull however of Facebook Ads is how targeted they can be, it can drill down in to an individual's location, job title, education and even their current employer.

Targeted tools such as these open the doors to finding high quality niche candidates and can reduce the hassle of having to sort through a large number of applications that may not be relevant to the role.

With LinkedIn still being the go-to platform for consultants, it is now the ideal time to target potential candidates via Facebook, before every other recruiter gets on-board. The cost of each ad is currently low as there is less competition and individuals possessing those unique skills may not have been targeted yet.

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