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Build up your online profile

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Michelle Derungs

Wednesday 12th Nov, 2014

Your online presence can speak volumes to prospective clients and can be an essential tool when it comes to securing your next contract.

Whether it's actively seeking prospects or networking with industry professionals, your online presence is an important factor when working as an umbrella or limited company contractor.

Social Media

Never under estimate the power of social media, this includes all your social profiles and not just the likes of LinkedIn. All of your social profiles are an online representation of yourself and will sometimes be the first port of call for a potential end client, therefore always ensure they portray you in a positive light.

Alongside this, you need to make sure you keep active via social media, dormant accounts can look just as bad as questionable pictures, so make sure you are continually updating all of your profiles. The easiest way to do this is to ensure you regularly share industry content and get involved with industry discussion groups. Doing this will help you build professional connections and help you discover new opportunities.

Your website

A personal website, may feel a little self-indulgent but it can be an excellent way to portray your skills set and help you stand out from the crowd.

Website creation can be a little time consuming but there are many tools available that will host and help you set up a website simply and quickly. Make sure you showcase previous projects and work achievements and keep it up to date. This will act as another virtual portfolio to show to potential clients and boost your credibility.

Guest blogger

Much like sharing content and engaging with others via social, guest blogging provides another method to network with other industry professionals and portrays you as a contractor that is passionate and engaged within the industry you operate in.

To begin with build up a list of industry specific and general contractor blogs and enquire about the potential of appearing as a guest blogger. Alongside this we suggest that you go into contractor forums and provide useful responses to any questions you feel are your area of expertise.

Remember, as a limited or umbrella company contractor it is vital to ensure you present and promote yourself online in a professional manner. This can not only help you build connections in your industry but can increase your chances of winning that next contract.

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