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Public IT sector in recovery

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Michelle Derungs

Tuesday 13th May, 2014

IT opportunities in the public sector has entered its slow path to recovery and now accounts for 11% of IT job roles, which is good news for Umbrella company and Limited company contractors. This is more than double the amount of roles that existed 2 years ago, which accounted for just 5% in 2012.

This slow but steady rise in IT roles within the public sector could see further growth as the Government begins to roll out its 'Digital by Default' scheme. The scheme was introduced by Government to simplify its services by enhancing their digital platforms, in order to encourage more users.

A short term boost in IT investment will have to be made in order for the Government to effectively introduce the new scheme. Although costly in the short term, an investment such as this is forecast to create substantial savings once implemented. These savings have been predicted to reach up to £1.8 billion per year once the 'Digital by Default' strategy is effectively in place.

The strategy plans to effectively transfer Government information all into one website, not only to simplify data, but to make the 650 services provided all accessible under the one roof.

It is not just the 'Digital by Default' scheme that has boosted IT job roles, greater investment in IT is also to thank for the increase.

As the public sector continues its digital developments the demand for highly skilled IT professionals will continue to grow. This spells a positive outlook for Limited company and Umbrella company contractors -even if only for the short term.

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