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New portal release

Paystream News

Monday 3rd Mar, 2014

Our IT department always strives to remain
on the cusp of innovation to ensure that we
provide the most up to date services, with
your contractors' convenience at the
forefront of our mind.

In light of this, here at PayStream, we are
proud to announce the upcoming release
of our new portal. The new portal will
contain enhanced features and functionality
all to ensure the usability of the portal is
designed around your contractors'
convenience. Alongside this the portal
will bring in our new PSC platform, tailored for your contractor referrals that fit into our PSC service.

With the portal nearing the finishing stages, we're naturally turning our attention to the next set of projects in the list! One of the most exciting things we've been talking about is the feature set for the next app releases on iOS and Android, which will make it even easier for your contractors to enter to expenses and access PayStream services on the go. Here's our short list of up-coming functionality for our mobile app;

  • Timesheets
  • Push notifications for payment status / expense reminders
  • Payslips & Income statements
  • Contact us / ticketing helpdesk
  • Newsfeed
  • User interface design refresh
  • Tax section

As always our focus remains central to customer satisfaction, so if you have any ideas to improve projects around you or your contractors' convenience please feel free to drop me an email

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