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How to use Google Plus to boost your business search rankings

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Michelle Derungs

Thursday 6th Mar, 2014

With the number of online users and the quantity of content that is now getting distributed onto the web, it has become ever more essential to boost your search rankings in order to increase your web presence.

Google+ is another increasingly popular social media channel that can also be a key tool in boosting your search ranking level. Here are some top tips on how to use Google+ to your advantage.

  • Step one: Optimise your Google+ business page

The first step is to optimise the information in your Google+ business page. Begin with your SEO title, this should simply be the name of your company. Do not use additional keywords just keep it clear and concise.

A newly added feature from Google is the custom URL. Google gives you the option of adding this feature, which gives you cleaner links. To get this URL simply;

- Go to the 'about' section on your page.

- Click on the links section.

- When you click on this, you will be given the option to convert your business to a new custom URL.

The next focus should be on your SEO meta description. Google+ allows you to create a tagline, a brief sentence about your business and then an introduction which allows you to compile a brief description of your company. Remember to include keywords in this section, take for example PayStream's meta description;

  • Step two: Create Google+ authorship accounts

The next, and equally important step, is for employees that will be contributing to the company's website news or blog section as an author, to create Google plus authorship accounts. Authorship accounts allow users to tag their profile to content that has been created and sent live on the website so that Google recognises who created the content. When search results are ranked on a SERP (search engine results page), content that is linked to Google+ profiles will automatically rank higher than content without such verification.

This is very simple to do. An effective way of doing this is for employees to create their own Google+ accounts via their work emails. Once an employee's profile is created you will get a Google+ link. This simply needs to be added to the author's bio for any site that they write for. Their bio will then appear under the article when it is ranked in the SERP.

  • Step three: Creating a Google+ post

There is no doubt about it, content is king. Once you have your business page and authorship accounts set up, you are now ready to share content via Google+.

Here is PayStream's breakdown of the perfect Google+ post:

1. Title: Keep in BOLD

How to use Google plus

2. Summary: Keep this brief, clear and concise, using keywords. Avoid putting links in this section, keep your links for the link attachment area as this will give you the SEO advantage.

With the number of online users and the quantity of content that is now getting shared online, it has become ever more essential to boost your search rankings in order to increase your web presence. PayStream provides agencies with top hints and tips on how to use your Google+ accounts to boost your web presence.

3. Link: Place a link to the full article into this section, this gives you the benefit of the 'Do follow link', this directs and pulls traffic in towards to your page. Make sure you shorten the link to make it look much neater and more appealing to click. Sites such as help you with this.

Read the full post here:

4. Commentary: The next section to add into your post is your personal commentary which lets you add in your own thoughts and personifies the post.

Essentially, Google plus can be an excellent tool to not only expand your social media presence but to add credibility to your content and boot your SEO on search engines.

5. Engagement: Follow up this paragraph with a call to action sentence, prompting your readers to comment.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

6. Hashtags: Include relevant hashtags on the sentence underneath.

#PayStreamLtd, #Agencies, #Googleplustips #SocialMedia

7. Image: There is no doubt that a picture says a 1000 words. It pulls in a reader's attention. So be sure to include a relevant, appealing image to the bottom of the content.

Once your content has been created, share the post with existing circles, Google + gives you the option to email your Google+ updates to your circles. Only check this if you think your users would be interested in the content otherwise you may just look like you are spamming your connections.

  • Step Four: Analytics

It is no secret that with any marketing campaign, analytical results provide a benchmark, so that content can be played with and altered to perfection, the same goes with Google+ content.

Google+ allows you to track every piece of content you share via the social platform. The most effective method of doing this is to allocate every Google+ link its own custom URL. This will give you weekly stats on analytics. Please click here for a step by step guide on how to create a custom URL using Google URL builder.

The creation of your Google+ business and authorship accounts can dramatically boost your search rankings on your SERP's as well as creating validity and credibility to the content you are sending out. And it can all be achieved by following our simple guide.

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