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How to: Expand your Twitter reach

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Michelle Derungs

Friday 7th Mar, 2014

As a contractor social media can be a key tool to not only network with key influencers in your industry but to also source potential contracts. Each social media channel has its own advantages and benefits but with this article we are focusing on the benefits of using Twitter.

Twitter is a valuable channel to remain up to date with real time news and discussions and this article will share with you some best practices when using this social media platform.

1. Understand Twitters fundamentals

Understanding Twitters basic rules are key when it comes to maximising the exposure of your tweets.

  • Don't begin a tweet with the @username. This already hinders visibility to you, the individuals being tweeted and your shared followers.
  • Don't go overboard with hastags. Keep this down to 3 maximum in order to stop your tweet appearing spammy.
  • Don't over tweet about yourself. Follow the 80/20% rule, spend 80% of your time engaging with others and discussing relevant industry topics and 20% talking about yourself.

Make your tweets relevant. As twitter is very sensitive to time and news developments, make sure your tweets are relevant to people who follow you. Could your tweets be a solution to an industry related problem?

2. Promote your profile

In order to expand your twitter search it is key to promote your twitter page. The best way to do this is to add your username to the about section and contact areas on all your other social media profiles, especially that of LinkedIn.

If you have a personal blog, be sure to add a share button so that your audience can share your content and your social media profile to their own circle or contacts.

To add a share button simple click here. From here you can select your preferred twitter button.

Twitter button image

You then select 'use page URL' under the share URL section and 'use the title of the page' for the tweet text along with your twitter username. This will pull through the relevant info when someone shares your blog post.

Twitter button options

This will automatically add in the blog posts title, a shortened URL which links users back to the original blog along with your twitter name. This simple addition will ensure your twitter username is getting exposure to users you may have not connected with previously.

3. Interaction with key influencers

Networking is a key tool when it comes to twitter. It can give you access to major influencers within your industry and give you that vital link to contract opportunities.

Pinpoint who your key influencers are and start off a twitter conversation with them. Try to keep the conversation as industry relevant and interesting as possible in order to increase the likelihood of a response. If you can, try and add value to the influencer.

Adding value to the receiver of your message means that they are always going to be more inclined to respond to you.

For example: "Hey, I have been following your tweets for a while now and I always enjoy your take on freelance industry changes as a recruiter. I'm unsure if you're aware but I have recently seen the boom in demand for IT contractors, which may be a valuable industry for you to investigate into further. I specialise in IT and development and take great interest in industry changes etc..."

4. Join Twitter communities

Twitter provides a wide array of communities each with their own niche. Within these communities, they each hold a gateway of users all looking to network around similar industry topics. This can be an ideal avenue to network with individuals and companies who operate within your area of expertise.

These simple steps can help to maximise your twitter reach and establish yourself as an expert in your area of expertise.

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