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How to build up your LinkedIn endorsements

Paystream News

Michelle Derungs

Tuesday 11th Mar, 2014

As a contractor, your LinkedIn not only acts as your virtual CV but can be the vital link between you and your next contract! LinkedIn provides the ideal hub to effectively network with professionals in your chosen field but to showcase your skills to potential clients and recruiters.

However, are people endorsing you for the wrong skills? Or are the skills that you are getting accredited for not relevant to your industry of interest? Or even worse, are people you have never met endorsing you for skills simply to fall under your radar?

PayStream provides you with 3 simple methods to improving your LinkedIn endorsements...

  • Create and edit your skills section

The first step in doing this is to set up your own skills which you know are relevant to your industry.

This will in turn direct others to endorse you for those highlighted skills rather than selecting their own.

Simply login in to your profile, then access the 'go to edit' section on your profile and click on the 'skills' section in order to add it to your LinkedIn profile. Remember you can select up to 50 skills, so make sure you select as many as possible whilst remaining relevant to your area of expertise and skills set, without going overboard.

When you start entering your skills, a list of related skills will appear in the search bar, this will give you a better idea of the wide variety of skills that you can add to your profile.

The skills will rank initially in the order that they were placed into your profile, over time as people begin to endorse each skill, they will begin to rank according to how many endorsement they have.

The more endorsement each skill has the higher it will rank, you will be notified via email every time this happens. This gives you the opportunity to accept or reject endorsements, be sure to 'skip' ones that are not relevant to your industry. If you want to remove a skill simply click on the 'X' button next to the skill.

  • Organise your endorsements

It may be the case that you're still receiving a lot of endorsements for skills you may no longer see relevant. In order to manage your endorsements go back to the 'edit skills' sections and select manage endorsements.

If you un-tick the box in the show/hide section the level of endorsements will decrease for that certain skill.

So for example, if you wanted to move word press to your top skill in the above example you would remove two skill endorsements from social media.

  • Get Networking

Networking is the ideal solution to gain skill endorsements. Remember LinkedIn provides an opportunity to connect and build up connections in valuable networks.

Why not use these networks to your advantage? Contact individuals within your network that you have worked with or know your skill set and ask them to endorse your skills. When doing this try and mention your top ten skills to boost the likely hood that you get endorsed for industry relevant skills.

When you get endorsements don't forget to return the gesture and endorse your fellow connections.

Building up your skill set adds that all important credibility to your profile meaning you will have a more dominant position within your industry network and increased opportunity to source new contracts.



By Michelle Derungs.


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