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Are contractors the key to the UK’s skills shortage?

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Michelle Derungs

Monday 3rd Mar, 2014

A recent report highlighted by the REC and KMPG, once again confirmed the ever increasing gap of skilled labour in the engineering, construction, IT and digital media sectors in the UK.

The long-term solution for the UK would of course be to educate the younger population in these industries, not only to make them aware of the opportunities that exist in these areas, but to build up their skills set so we have a new generation of highly skilled labour in the UK. These companies would need to collaborate with Colleges and Universities to help implement these changes. However in the short-term, freelancers including Umbrella Company contractors and Limited Company contractors could be the ideal solution to the growing skills gap.

KMPG highlighted that contractors provide the flexibility and agility to provide the needed expertise in competitive industries. This is especially true now that the UK seems to be in a period of economic recovery and companies need to capitalise in the growth of these markets by expanding their products and services along with their workforce.

Fortunately, the number of contractors in the UK is set to rise in 2014, meaning businesses will have the ability to access highly skilled labour in order to plug these gaps in skilled labour.

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