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Do you create engaging content on LinkedIn?

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Michelle Derungs

Friday 6th Jun, 2014

Do you want to make the most out of LinkedIn? Having an up to date profile isn't the only way to maximise your exposure via the social media channel. As an umbrella or limited company contractor, creating effective content can be a great way to reach other industry professionals as it helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Here are PayStream's tops tips to develop effective content for LinkedIn.

  • Utilise the LinkedIn publishing platform

LinkedIn has recently started releasing its content publishing platform to all of its users to give them the same content creation tools that in the past, had only been reserved for LinkedIn influencers.

Please note that LinkedIn is in the process of releasing publishing capabilities to individuals, so if you don't yet have access, hopefully you will have soon. If you wish to apply for early access, fill out this short form.

The publishing platform gives you the opportunity to create and showcase content surrounding industry hot topics. These posts are then posted near the top of your profile so any potential employers can view your latest articles. This essentially lets you have your own on-site blog.

  • Make the most of SlideShare

SlideShare allows you to create any sort of presentation, insert videos and include audio over the top of any video / presentation that you create. It also allows you to host webcasts, infographics, and any other video content that you'd like to broadcast to other industry professionals.

SlideShare receives on average 60 million unique visits per month and when utilised correctly can be a great tool to effectively showcase your content.

Therefore including SlideShare presentations within your LinkedIn profile can portray you as an expert that is passionate about your field of interest building up your reputation and profile.

More information on how to create SlideShare presentations can be found here.

  • Use imagery to drive click-through rates

There is no doubt that using imagery captures the attention of your readers. Therefore you must make sure you use it your advantage. The rising popularity with the likes of Instagram and Pinterest have proven how effective imagery can be.

LinkedIn allows you to upload images to profiles, company pages and status updates to capture your readers eye. The key here is to include an image that helps your content stand out and pull the reader in so that they click through to your content.

This can either be an eye catching simplistic image...


Or, a more creative method, such as an image combined with text, sometimes in the form of an infographic can capture and retain the reader's attention.

The good news is that you don't have to be a graphic designer to create effective imagery. Simple tools such as PowerPoint allow you to combine text with images, or online tools such as Easelly allow you to customise simple infographic templates with your own content.

Illustrating textual content allows you to showcase content that may, in big blocks of text, put readers off. It can also dramatically increase the click through rates of your content and in turn maximise the exposure of your content.

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional network, however that's not to say that you can't use the occasional light hearted and humorous imagery within your posts.

Creating effective content can really boost your chances of finding out about new contracts by developing your professional reputation and building you up as an expert that is passionate about your chosen industry. With LinkedIn becoming an ever increasingly popular tool in the social media world, it is vital that as an umbrella or limited company contractor you make your presence well known and maximise the exposure that your content could achieve.

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