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Tuesday 28th Jan, 2014

Sometimes it can feel that legislation is constantly changing and making it difficult to just get on with day to day business. Legislation protecting the employee started with the Truck Acts of the late 19th century but was silent again until the 1960s (Contract of Employment Acts) and has seemingly accelerated since this time!

Proposed legislation and then ultimately implemented legislation changes businesses in many ways - affecting processes, communication, disclosure and, in the recruitment supply chain, often margins. As we know, legislation around offshore intermediaries is effective from April, and the onshore intermediaries consultation is ongoing.

Such legislation is inevitable based on greater information availability, better business ethics and of course politics. We should keep in mind the benefits though of a tightening legislative environment for contractors and the Recruitment sector more generally- it's all too easy to think "here we go again".

The reality is that as the working options for contractors converge, as well as removing abuse, it becomes far easier for all of us to understand contractors working choices. We also evolve towards a level playing field meaning that the focus is less on "models" but more on quality, service and people which is surely the way it should be.

At PayStream, we embrace new legislation and see such change as a huge opportunity to show people what we can do.

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