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Skills Shortage Spreads

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Michelle Derungs

Sunday 19th Jan, 2014

The construction industry suffers as the shortage for skilled labour spreads. According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a troubling 36% of managers highlighted their struggle to source experienced staff.

The most troubling result of this, is the knock on effect the labour shortage is having on the property development industry. Skilled labourers are key in fulfilling the UK's property investment developments, which will in turn help aid the recovery of the economy. The highest labourers in demand include bricklayers and painters.

Scotland is one the regions which reported significant difficulties with finding suitable candidates. According to the latest Scottish Building Federation, members expected to see a 31 point improvement over the next 12 months, worryingly however, 90% of employers agreed that there was a severe struggle to outsource skilled labour. The result of this has forced managers to internally recruit existing staff members into these key roles by providing essential training.

The lack of external skilled candidates in the industry leaves a lot of opportunity for contractual labour. It will provide contractors with strong bargaining power, allowing them to demand higher rates of pay for their skills set.

However, as the war on talent continues to grow, managers will suffer the rise in challenges to source experienced labour, which can in turn create real challenges for the construction industry as the UK economy continues to recover.


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