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A bright future ahead…

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Michelle Derungs

Monday 20th Jan, 2014

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has recently highlighted from its December reports a positive growth forecast across a wide range of sectors within the job market. A key highlight of this report was a notable rise in the contract and temporary industry.

According to (APSCo) permanent employment places were up by 8.5% across a diverse range of industries including finance, manufacturing, marketing and engineering. Furthermore the rise in online recruitment vacancies has shot up alongside the sharp rise in individuals seeking employment in recent months, more information regarding this can be found here.

The phenomenal comparison between yearly changes is made apparent in APSCO'S report when in January 2013 there was a reported 1% drop in both permanent and temporary roles.

However, 2014 brings a positive outlook for the year, with the latest GDP set to increase well above 2%, the figure of new companies set to grow is forecast by just over 2% and the UK is now seeing its highest employment rate since 2008.

With 2014 forecast to see an uprise in the level of temporary contracts, it can be both time and cost effective to refer your contractors through to a credible and complaint payroll company such as PayStream. More information regarding our services can be found here.

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