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6 ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile…

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Michelle Derungs

Thursday 9th Jan, 2014

So what is the big deal with LinkedIn? Is it just another fad in the social media world, or is it having a real impact within the recruitment industry and how consultants and companies recruit?

It was previously highlighted that almost two-thirds of recruiters in the UK have rejected potential job applications, solely based on a candidate's social media profile, with 88% of recruiters using LinkedIn. More information regarding social media can be found here.

Therefore, we think it's safe to say that LinkedIn is here to stay. However, recruiters don't want to see a profile that looks like it has been thrown together, they want to see a profile that contains key attributes that highlight to them that you're worth their effort.

So what do Recruiters want to see on your LinkedIn Profile?


It is no surprise that recruiters want details. They want to know your work history, what others think of you, your skills and your educational background. So don't be tempted to skip these steps! Remember, the more complete your profile the greater the odds that recruiters will find you.

Never fear! LinkedIn actually details the 'completeness' of your profile, offering you tips on how to enhance it.

Your Profile Picture

As with any social media network, a picture catches the eye, as well as humanising and adding credibility to your profile. Do you feel it is easier to engage with someone when you can put a face to a name?

Remember, don't treat your profile picture as you would with Facebook or Twitter. Use a simple, welcoming and professional image that's appropriate to the industry you're targeting.

Attributes that highlight you as a 'high performer'

Recruiters are always keeping their eyes out for 'high performers'. So, we ask you, what would highlight such attributes?

Think about listing your accomplishments;

  • What did you do that was above and beyond your usual duties?
  • How did you stand out compared to your peers?
  • Were you ever acknowledged by a supervisor for a job well done? When and why?

Your Network

As an industry norm you should aim to have between 50-100 connections as a starting point. If more, well that's great, however try not to go over the top by adding everyone. You want to ensure you build up a credible list of connections.

As and umbrella or limited company contractor, try and build up a list of key influential followers to kick start your network building.

Prove that your passionate, engaged and enthusiastic

It's no surprise that it's far more exciting to work with people that are passionate and love what they do. Use your news feed to your advantage by posting statuses about activities you're participating in along with joining groups in industries that are relevant to your field of interest.

Get recommendations

It's a rule of thumb that people trust others people's opinions, it adds a sense of credibility. Thus, it's no surprise that third-party testimonials go a long way. Why not ask some key connections to write a specific LinkedIn recommendation for you, giving them an outline of what you would like to highlight.

Remember LinkedIn is just one more way for you to showcase your skills and attributes as an umbrella or limited company contractor, so put in as much effort as you would with your CV.

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