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15 minute method to give your Linkedin life!

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Michelle Derungs

Tuesday 21st Jan, 2014

Got 15 minutes to spare? Why not spend it giving your LinkedIn the rejuvenation it so desperately deserves.

Incorporate your keywords in your title or tag line

Your title or tag line is the first port of call for keyword searches. This means, that when recruiters are hunting down potential umbrella or limited company contractors the use of one keyword could mean the difference between you appearing in their search or not. So always make sure you're using those 120 words effectively.

  • Incorporate key certifications and position levels, for example MBA, CEO.
  • If you made an impressive career goal for example @increased web traffic by 50%', try and squeeze it in.
  • Include all sought after career goals if you are actively seeking more than one career option.
  • Incorporate multiple functions if they are in relative departments, for example Sales and Marketing.

Update your picture

The number of people that still have out of date, unprofessional or inappropriate profile pictures is surprising. Pictures really do say a thousand words. So use yours to your advantage.

  • Make sure your picture is professional and friendly.
  • Make sure your face is clear on the image so potential employers would be able to recognise you.
  • Keep your clothes formal in order to portray a professional image.

Construct your summary

Does your summary portray your personality? Recruiters use this as a starting point to get a feel of who you are as a person.

  • Avoid writing in the third person. For example 'Dave's long term career goal is...' It is far more inviting and personal to talk in the first person.
  • Avoid blabbing! Make sure you get your points across in a clear and concise manner. Large chunks of waffle can be off putting.
  • Try not to repeat points once you have made them and if possible, enhance your vocabulary to portray a more intelligent image.

Incorporate your keywords in your summary

Similar to the keywords within your tagline, you need to effectively incorporate industry specific keywords in your summary to ensure you rank higher in search terms.

  • Aim to have between 15-20 skills and keywords in the main body of your summary.
  • Search for industry trending keywords and utilise them within the body of your copy. For example, the increasing demand for SEO optimisation in the marketing industry has led for an increased demand for that skill.
  • In addition to adding in your keywords, include an extra paragraph at the end discussing your skills set, using your previous keywords as a backbone structure.

Remove irrelevant and outdated content

It goes without saying that it is key to remove any old career goals you previously included on your page as well as very old industry irrelevant jobs you may have had many years ago.

  • Recruiters are hunting down for your last 10-15 years' work experience.
  • Having career goals pre 1999, can take the edge off your profile and can be off putting for recruiters.

Attach relevant documents to your profile

If you are actively seeking employment attaching an up to date CV can be a great way to attract recruiters. This doesn't just have to be a CV, you can include a marketing brief, a portfolio of past work, or even a case study of something you created or took part in.

Add to your skills set

LinkedIn allows you to list your skills set, which in turn, allows others to endorse those skills. Make sure you add as many skills as you see fit. However, try not to go overboard and list ones which may be irrelevant or untrue.

Take a look at a job listing within your industry and make a note of the most in-demand skills, as an umbrella or limited company contractor it is important to remain up to date with industry related skills that are in demand. Use these to guide and structure your skills set.

Make sure you use similar versions of keywords to beef up your skills set, for example:

  • Sales
  • Direct Sales
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Face to face sales

LinkedIn has become a key tool to not only source a job and promote yourself to recruiters but it has become a key way to network with potential clients and build up a powerful image of yourself.

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