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Quickly boost your visibility on LinkedIn

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Michelle Derungs

Thursday 27th Feb, 2014

It is essential that you ensure your profile is constantly kept in the spotlight for recruiters and potential employers.

Here are a few simple tips that can boost your profiles visibility, however before you carry out any updates, always ensure that you turn off your activity broadcasts, so each minor change is not being distributed into your connections feeds.

To do this, simply access your settings on the bottom left of the page you will see 'Privacy Control' which, when clicked, leads you to the function to turn on/off your activity control. When you click this, un-tick the box that says 'let people know when you change your profile'. Once you have made the changes to your profile re-tick this box that will just highlight one update rather than a lot of minor changes

4 tips to boost your profile

  • Update your profile picture. Modifying your profile picture to an up to date professional image will make sure it gives a potential employer the right impression. Profiles which contain pictures come up more frequently in searches.
  • Organise your keywords. You can do this by dividing them with a line break, so for example:

Social Media | Marketing | SEO | Digital Marketing

  • Personalise your vanity URL:

To begin with click 'edit your profile', then on the right hand corner you will see your current URL, simply click on customize your public profile.

You will then see this dialogue box pop up.

Simply fill in your full name, or as close as possible to this if your name has already been taken.

Having your full name in your vanity URL will ensure your LinkedIn profile ranks in search results when your name is typed into search engines. As a contractor your name is your personal brand so having this tool can be key to building visibility.

  • Build your network. Scroll over your contacts on LinkedIn and then 'add connections'. LinkedIn will show you four natural connection channels, these are existing contacts, colleagues, class mates and people you may know.

Going through these four groups once a month will constantly build on your connections and increase your visibility.

Remember, LinkedIn is a virtual profile of your CV it gives you the ideal opportunity to showcase your skills and build up a valuable network, which in turn can be a key tool in sourcing new contracts.

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