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Mobile integration becoming essential for recruiters in 2014

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Michelle Derungs

Tuesday 18th Feb, 2014

Technology is becoming a key driver and priority for UK businesses, particularly those in the recruitment industry sector as it's having a big impact in the way that recruiters source potential candidates.

With the unprecedented rise in social media, there is no doubt that technology has already played a huge role for recruiters with, according to the, a substantial 63% of employers perceiving social media to be the most effective channel when sourcing potential candidates.

However, it is not just social media that is changing the way recruiters and candidates interact, but the devices which they use to go online. The increase in tablet and smartphone sales is set to continue making an impact on the way users go online with, according to, smartphone penetration set to reach 75% and tablet penetration set to reach 50% towards the end of 2014.

So what does this mean for mobile? According to the figure of candidates which now apply for vacancies over their mobile has dramatically increased by 68% over the course of 12 months, along with 35% of their website visits now coming from mobile devices. Indicating that if recruiters don’t take advantage of the growth of the mobile market, they will fall behind their competitors.

So how can recruiters begin the integration of mobile, if they haven't already? The first and most essential step is to ensure that the agencies website is optimised for mobile in terms of layout and usability. According to Google, 40% of users will abandon a website if it is not functional on a mobile device.

The next step would be to create an app for the recruitment agency, this would host an agencies job board in a mobile friendly, simplistic way. Mobile apps keep the user on an agencies website for longer, whereas standard online browsing can encourage users to bounce off to different sites, losing overall traffic. Mobile apps also allow brands to easily communicate with their users and create much simpler, on-the-go usability.

The final step to consider with mobile integration is to use digital applications that make communication much more mobile compatible. One method can be the use of magazine editor Flipboard. This allows recruiters to compile their communication and literature into a digital magazine that allows users to browse through agencies content in a browser friendly manner.

One thing is clear, the growth in smartphone and tablet devices show no sign of slowing down. On-the-go technology will continue to innovate and it is key that recruiters jump on board and ensure they are mobile optimised if they are to remain at the top of their game and profession.

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