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Interview? Set yourself apart from competition

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Michelle Derungs

Wednesday 12th Feb, 2014

Knowing how to effectively showcase your interpersonal skills during a job interview is the key to getting hired.

There is no doubt that your professional skills speak volumes towards your credibility as a candidate but your interpersonal skills can be the way to sway your potential employer into hiring you over the other candidates.

So what's the big fuss with interpersonal skills? Well its simple, your potential employer wants to know if you have the personality to get along will fellow colleagues as well as the charm to dazzle potential clients, should the job warrant it.

Since many areas of employment require strong interpersonal skills it is vital you showcase your ability to communicate effectively in any interview. Here are PayStream's top tips to communicating effectively during an interview;


Even with entry level positions, potential employers want to know that you have the ability to guide others and work independently. They want to feel that once trained they will no longer have to 'baby sit' you through the role. During the interview highlight key areas, through past work experience or personal situations, where you have taken the initiative to lead and guide yourself or others through a project or situation.

Verbal Communication

The ability to effective communicate and articulate your point of view is essential. Try not to speak too fast and take your time if you feel nervous. Being clear and portraying yourself confidently will send a stronger message to your potential employer.

When answering questions make sure you highlight the benefits that you will bring to that role with your skills set rather than just listing your strengths. Employers want to see the perceived benefits they will obtain from investing in you.

Non-verbal communication

Body language can speak volumes about who you are as a person without even having to murmur one word, so never underestimate the power of non-verbal communication.

  • Keep constant eye contact with your potential employer
  • Never slouch and use subtle gestures to support your discussion.
  • Let your body relax so you come across as natural. Looking rigid and closed can look fake and robotic.
  • Read the body language of others that are in the room. Are your potential employers nodding along and keeping eye contact? Or is it the opposite? Reading their body language can provide you with guidance to structure your discussion.
  • Finally avoid touching your face and crossing your arms. It displays anxiety and closes you off from others in the room.

Remember, knowing how to effectively showcase your interpersonal skills during a job interview is key to getting employed. Using these essential tips should help you set yourself apart from your competition when in the final running for that dream job.

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