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How to use visual tools to humanise your brand via social media

Paystream News

Michelle Derungs

Thursday 27th Feb, 2014

Incorporating visual elements to your social media channels effectively, can build up your brand and create more engagement with your visitors. The key is to ensure that your business is always telling a story, be it customer feedback, internal business development or your brand history.

According to, picture posts lay claim to 93% of the highest engaging posts, getting 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click throughs than standard posts that contain just text.

Therefore, it makes sense to use pictures in your social media posts as it is essential if you want to build greater engagement.

  • Personalise posts to reveal the human side of your company

The most simple and effective way to do this is by putting faces to the name of the company. Simple campaigns such as;

- Team of the month: This could involve taking individual pictures of each team member, actions shots of the team, and a group shot of the whole team.

-Team Events: Including team events such as nights out or charity fundraisers can give a fresh feel to a brand. For example, PayStream included their charity weight-loss team as part of PayStream's ongoing efforts to raise money for their nominated charity, Antony Nolan.


PayStream Charity Fundraiser

Simple steps such as these, allows your customers to see who they are dealing with and entices them to engage more with your brand.

  • Introduce light hearted content

There are many ways you can do this, here are some suggestions:

Go slightly off topic- In order to maintain community interest to your social media platforms you may find that going slightly off topic and bringing in light hearted visuals and content can help. At PayStream we introduced a campaign called "28 ways to make February great", it included a post a day, throughout February, of hints and tips on a variety of topics that contractors would find useful, these posts were accompanied by an image.

-Teaser campaigns: Offer sneak peeks of upcoming offers and events etc. using imagery that will grab the visitor's attention whilst encouraging them to return to the social media page at a later date to find out more information.

-Videos: Create short videos on topics such as team events, internal company innovations, brand history etc.

-Competitions: launch competitions which have a visual element to it. For example PayStream use visuals to help to encourage visitors to participate in competitions as it encourages audience engagement on a light hearted level.

  • Use photo editing tools to create engaging visuals

Creating pictures to convey these messages can be a tricky task, especially if your company is not design focused. Photo apps that are simple to use can give you good, creative images in a short space of time. Here are some that we've found useful:

-Snapseed: This tool effectively adds style and texture to a picture. You also have the option of adding a border to give the picture a more dramatic feel.

-Over app: This tool allows you to add text and artwork to pictures by simply adding layers.

-Flipagram: This tool allows you to create short video reels using pictures and music.

-Photo Editor Apps: Sketch Guru, Aviary, FX Camera and even Instagram are all additional creative tools that can quickly and effectively bring a dull picture to life, increasing consumer engagement.

Each brand has its own look and feel and story to tell, so why not introduce more creativity to your social media channels to help tell your story. Remember long chunks of text will get glanced over. Convey your brand through rich engaging media, giving your visitors a platform they feel they can truly use to engage with you. You may find that increased engagement with customers may in turn lead to greater brand loyalty.

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