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Freelancer? Use social media to your advantage...

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Michelle Derungs

Thursday 13th Feb, 2014

There is no doubt that social media has forever changed the way humans interact and connect with one another online. Not only has it become a major facet of people's personal lives but it has also played a huge role in individuals work lives too. Social media has now become an ideal way for freelancers to source new contracts. Here are a few of PayStream's top tips when it comes to the wide world of social media...

Share, share and share a little more...

It is not only important that you remain knowledgeable in your field of expertise, but also that other industry professional perceive this image of you too. Share links that have been posted by previous employers and industry professionals. Commenting and starting discussions on their links will highlight you as an engaging individual that's passionate about the industry they work in.

Finding and sharing your own range of content from a wide selection of sources will not only catch the eye of potential clients but it will give them the assurance that you are up to date with industry changes.

Followers aren't the be all and end all

A lot of users get bogged down by follower numbers. No doubt it is always good to have a wide follower audience however, it is even better to communicate effectively with this audience making strong valuable connections. Get the ball rolling by sparking up conversations through comments or providing advice that you know your followers will be interested in.

Link up your profiles

It is essential that you make your social media profiles as widely available as possible. This means including links on your website, if you have one, as well as sending out links out all your profiles through your different social media channels. Remember, as a freelancer you are your own brand so it is essential you build key relationships by spreading your social media presence as widely as possible.

Keep followers well informed

Remember as a freelancer, social media is a method of broadcasting your skills. So make sure you keep your followers well informed of any achievements you may have made or industry related hot topics you may be involved in or have a strong opinion on.

Take your time

When it comes to social media you won't get results over night. It takes time to build up organic, strong, long-term connections. As with most industry professionals it takes time to become well established and recognised for being an expert in your industry.

Personification is key

Make sure you are using your social media channels to reflect who you are as a person. Professionalism is important however clients also want to know the type of person they could potentially be working with. So it is okay to talk about hobbies or life events that showcase who you really are.

These key tips can help you utilise social media to your advantage by distributing your social media presence and building up your credibility as a freelancer.

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