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5 tips to synch real time events with Twitter

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Michelle Derungs

Wednesday 26th Feb, 2014

Identifying the peaks times to schedule Twitter posts, so that they reach your maximum audience, or finding ways to join real-time posts during Twitter conversations can be a tricky task, even for the most in-the-know marketer.

It is essential for users to understand and master this trick, if they don't want their messages to get lost in the 'noise' of the social media world. Here are some of PayStream's top tips on how to reach your audience more effectively;

  • Research into when your audience are on Twitter

Although quite an obvious point, many marketers do not know when their followers are online and are blindly posting content.

The key to this, is to know when you have maximum traffic and to then schedule posts to go out at these peak times.

A useful tool to source this data is a tool called Tweriod. The service is free and links up your Twitter profile. Tweriod analyses your follower's tweets, giving you statistics on when your followers are at their most active. It can take a couple of hours when you first sign up to sift through your data, but it's worth spending the time doing so because it then direct messages you with your statistics. All you then need to do is simply adjust your posts according to these times.

According to The Social Media Scientist, Tweets later on in the day have a much higher click through rate than those posted between 10am to 2pm. However, this can vary depending on the industry.

  • Distribute content steadily during the day to maintain greater brand awareness

Although it is essential to schedule in your posts at peak user times, try and vary your times so that you maintain a consistent flow of content. This keeps consistent brand visibility.

The key here is to schedule posts at a steady pace during the day, ensuring that you include your user's peak times, instead of frequent short bursts that dilute your message and can be perceived as off putting to your audience.

As a rule of thumb:

-Begin by sharing 3-5 posts per day via Twitter.

-Increase the interval time between Tweets to ensure that you don't bombard your audience. Keep messages consistent.

-Add in company opinions when sharing others content so it humanises your brand.

  • Tailor content to seasonal changes

Social media presence is much greater during holiday and festive periods. Therefore;

-Tailor your message according to the season

-Post content more frequently during these times

-Post promotional offers

-Use seasonal #Hashtags

-Create content that relates to seasonal events that are happening in the company, again in order to humanize the brand

  • Get involved in real-time discussions

It is essential that you are an active participant in real-time conversations when users are discussing your brand.

Social media analytical tools such as Sprout Social track your brand name for mentions, so that you can thank new followers and get involved with any real-time discussions.

Hashtagify is another tool to help you source hot topics relating to your industry, by displaying which #hastags are trending on Twitter.

Remember, Social Media, when done well, can be the perfect platform to communicate with your audience. Tools such as these can be useful in making sure that you are aware of what topics your audience is talking about in order to help you achieve maximum user engagement.


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