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5 essential apps for contractors

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Michelle Derungs

Friday 28th Feb, 2014

Mobile apps are already playing a huge part in the way we organise and run both our personal and work lives.

There are thousands of apps now available on the market and it can sometimes be tough to distinguish which ones can be useful to you as a contractor and which ones are time wasters.

Here at PayStream, we thought we'd save you the hassle and do it for you. So we have taken a look at what apps are on the market and which ones we feel are the most useful. Here are PayStream's top 5 mobile apps for contractors.

  • WorkFlowy

This app allows you to form notes and organise key tasks allowing you to easily track notes by tagging key words. You can host all your content online, meaning information can be accessed at all times as long as there's an internet connection.

The simplistic format, uses a hierarchy of lists to outline all different tasks, which then allows you to add notes to each task, it also syncs your app to your main account so your info is constantly updated.

The tool allows you to;

- Import content from online into a note format

- Indexed search, the search tool allows you to type in any keyword, meaning it can find notes made a long time ago, quickly.

- Hyperlink tags, this allows you to create layers of classification so you can easily organise different tasks

- Simple click to focus so you can access a level without it zooming into a whole page.

- Starred pages, this highlights pages that are accessed on a frequent basis.

- Keyboard shortcuts which help to speed up the usage.

As a contractor, managing your work life balance, particularly if you have more than one contract on the go, can be tough. This app helps you to manage your thoughts easily and effectively.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is already a very popular app. If you haven't already heard of it, this tool allows you to store documents on an online platform, making sharing, syncing and storing data easy to do. The added bonus being that you don't run the risk of losing data nor do you have data clogging up your PC storage space.

As a contractor, accessing and sharing documents on the go, can be key in your day to day activities.This tool can accommodate a wide variety of these needs.

  • Hootsuite/ Sprout Social

Social media analytical tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social allow you to effectively manage your social media channels. They give you statistics on how effective your channels are, by looking at the traffic they are bringing in and giving you demographics on who is engaging with your channels.

The tool also allows you to schedule in posts and tracks mentions of your tag name. This allows you to become extremely flexible via social media by being able to communicate with others when they are engaging with you.

As a contractor, your social profile can be an excellent tool for sourcing new contracts, so management tools such as these can be very effective.

  • Card Munch

Do you have lots of business cards from contacts you have met lying around, taking up space, without any kind of organisation so you are never able to find a contact when you need it?

Card Munch provides a solution to this. You simply take a picture of each business card and the app reads and stores the data creating an address book for you.

  • I-Clickr

This simple but effective tool acts as a presentation slide clicker, which can be useful if you're presenting and there isn't one available.

The app simply turns your mobile into a clicker using WIFI. It also provides a timer and displays your speech notes on your phone, to give you the upmost convenience as a contractor.

As previously mentioned there are lots of apps out there that can help you, as a contractor, organise your working life. These are just a small selection of what we thought would help make the way you work that little bit easier to organise and manage.

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