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PayStream rolls out its next phase in mobile app development

Paystream News

Alex Victoratos

Monday 15th Dec, 2014

We're well into our next phase of phone app development incorporating your requests and other new functionality. The headline features for the next release are:

  • Timesheet entry
  • Payslips / Income statements viewing
  • Dashboard including quick display of several key numbers

There are a few other little tweaks and fixes that we developed including better screen support for iPhone 6 and a fix for the subsistence default entry.

Beyond this release we've got a few new ideas to incorporate, we'll be finalising the list come January next year. Please feel free to email me at with anything you would like to see incorporated for our future mobile app development.

In our commitment to truly deliver a first class service, we make continuous developments to our web portal, expect to see some improvements to the expenses and timesheets sections towards the end of February.

We're hoping to have it ready to test early January and following that we've got to go through the respective app store processes. It's exciting new functionality we're keen to get out, so we'll keep you posted.

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