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Big Picture - December 2014

Paystream News

Paul Malley

Monday 15th Dec, 2014

The run up to Christmas has been a busy one at PayStream, with the release of the 2014 Autumn Statement and the collation of our contractor insights survey results. We would like to thank everyone again that took part as we received an overwhelming response and are busy analysing all of the data, the results of which will be released next year.

Bringing the attention back to this month's newsletter we cover off our response to the 2014 Autumn statement, we also share with you what improvements we've been making to our online portal, in particular the timesheets functionality, the viewing of payslips / income statements and the dashboard.

And finally, we would also like to introduce Haven our preferred IFA partner to the newsletter who are debuting with an article on their new service feature, the mortgage desk.

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