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Demand for unique skills has created ‘Super Contractors’

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Michelle Derungs

Monday 4th Aug, 2014

Von Essen, a Global Management consultancy group, has recently identified an elite segment of contractors possessing highly sought after skills, earning them up to, or in some instances more than, £1,500 per day. They have been dubbed 'Super Contractors'.

Von Essen has stated that "super-contractors are paid so highly by businesses because they possess a unique skill set and a wealth of experience that they've built up from moving from one challenging role to another."

Contractors such as these are expected to provide their services, be it last minute if necessary, and use their wealth of experience and skills to assist and resolve critical projects. The newly labelled super contractor has broken the barrier of daily pay rates with some earning more than £1,500 per day. This is a vast contrast in comparison to 5 years ago where the highest earning spectrum was no greater than £1000 per day.

The significant growth in industries, such as the oil and gas sector, has seen a surge in the demand for particular skill sets alongside a severe shortage in skilled labour, which has been the key driver in these high pay rates.

The daily rate for a 'super contractor' varies depending on industry. Oil and Gas contractors are one segment to have seen substantial pay rate growth with the highest daily rate reaching as much as £2,140 for positions based abroad. The highest paid contractor roles based in the UK reach up to £1,750 a day and are for roles such as financial director. Industries that seem to be lacking in these 'super contractors' are industries such as IT, telecoms and financial services, amongst others.

Von Essen concluded by saying that 'The specialist skills that super-contractors can provide make them a valuable asset for any company able to tempt them with very high rewards'.

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