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Contractors, 5 home office ideas to boost productivity

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Michelle Derungs

Friday 29th Aug, 2014

The world of work is evolving. The traditional 9-5 office employee could soon be a thing of the past as workers seek more agility and flexibility in the way they work. This has in turn seen a rise in the number of limited or umbrella company contractors working from home.

Here are PayStream's top tips to turn your office space into an environment that boosts your productivity...

  • Lighting

The lighting in your office space can have a big impact on your mood and energy levels. Try and position your desk in an area that provides a lot of natural light.

If this isn't possible, make sure you use non-fluorescent natural light lamps with a low wattage, positioning them at the side of your monitor. If the lamps are placed in front or behind your monitor you are likely to increase glare which can place a lot of strain on your eyes.

  • The colour of your office

    Colour can influence your mood, energy and stress levels. Therefore it's important to decorate your workspace in order to create an environment that's relaxing and stress free.

    Colours such as red can boost energy levels, and can be ideal for social areas such as living rooms whereas yellow is perceived as quite a bright and energising colour, so is ideal for dining rooms. For office spaces blue is the preferred colour, this is due to its calming qualities that are known to reduce stress and in turn promote productivity.
  • Tailor your office furniture

    It is important to create your office space so that it is ergonomically designed. This is because if your chair doesn't provide proper support, you can suffer from neck and back pains which will in turn lower your productivity levels.
  • Calm environment

    It is no secret that in order to operate most productively, you need a quiet work environment. As an umbrella or limited company contractor, working from home can provide a lot of distractions, especially if you have a hectic family life.

Try and set your home office up in an area that's away from busy areas of your house, this could include areas such as the attic, under the stairs, or even in the basement, providing you have the space.

  • Organisation

It's important to try and keep everything you need for work within arm's reach.

A cluttered working environment can distort your thought processes and lower your productivity levels. Shelves and storage boxes can be a fantastic solution for this.

Working from home can be a great time and money saver, however a calming, stress free, working environment, teamed with self-motivation and discipline are also key in order to promote your everyday productivity and help you to succeed with future contracts.

Now that you have our top tips on how to set your office environment up, why not take a look at our tops tips on how to succeed as a contactor.

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