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3 top tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd

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Michelle Derungs

Tuesday 29th Apr, 2014

Do you want to get your LinkedIn profile noticed? There is no doubt that LinkedIn can be a very effective tool when it comes to sourcing new contracts, especially for Limited company and Umbrella company contractors. So why not look for ways to give your profile greater exposure.

Here are PayStream's hints and tips on making your LinkedIn profile stand out.

1. Your headline

Your headline is what grabs your reader's attention and pulls them in to your page. This 120 character hook should highlight your skills, what you do and what you stand for.

You should try and personalise this as much as possible, making it memorable for your reader will help you to stand out amongst your peers.

There are two methods to do this effectively, one way is to state your skill set including relevant keywords, tailored directly to your audience.

"#1 Marketing and SEO expert. Email now and ask how I can help with your Digital Marketing strategies."

The second method is to state your values as a classic personal brand statement, much like you would have on your CV.

"Dedicated, hardworking individual with a passion for marketing and content writing!"

2. Enhance your background summary

Does your summary portray your personality? Recruiters use this as a starting point to get a feel of who you are as a contractor. Use this summary to draw your readers in further by giving them a glimpse of your personality.

The basic structure of your summary should highlight your accomplishments and include keywords that are relevant to your field of interest.

However, to really stand out from the crowd your summary has to pack a punch and here's how...

  • Kick off the summary with a quirky opening line. The example below showcases how one sentence can pull you, as the reader, in...
  • The next step is to tell a story within the summary. Include a shortened version of what you do in a more personalised, authentic way rather than simply listing your skill set in a generic manner.
  • Always remember to keep your summary to the point. Less is more and content heavy waffle will disengage the reader.
  • Include a call to action, for example "send an email to".
  • Finally to finish your summary include a list of your specialities. This ensures that all industry relevant keywords are included within your profile so that you will rank higher when potential recruiters search for your skill set.

3.Build up your recommendations

It is crucial to remember, that people are more likely to trust the opinion of others rather your own so why not build up your endorsements. They give your skill set validity and highlight your previous experience and accomplishments.

The key to endorsements is the power of reciprocation, if you endorse others they are likely to endorse you too!

The key to achieving an out standing LinkedIn profile is to get personalised recommendations. A standardised 'job well done' recommendation is always good however, a personalised recommendation by a previous colleague, will help your personality shine through and really boost the credibility of the recommendation.

As an umbrella or limited company contractor seeking new contracts will be a part of your work life routine, therefore it is essential that your LinknedIn profile not only effectively showcases your skills set, but really helps you to stand out amongst your competition, these simple hints and tips are designed to help your LinkedIn profile do just that.

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