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Wednesday 9th Oct, 2013

The REC / KPMGs latest jobs report showed temporary billings reaching a fifteen year high, this is very encouraging for the recruitment sector generally but not a trend at this stage.

At PayStream we are constantly striving to improve the service that we offer which is why we carry out annual surveys on all of our customer groups. We were really pleased with not only the level of response from our umbrella customers with 713 customers completing the survey but also with the results which were published in our 'Umbrella 2013 Satisfaction Survey Results' article. Watch this space for the limited company survey which is due shortly and the Agency survey results which we are in the process of compiling.

We work hard to maintain our service levels and in September we had our annual audit from the Customer Service Excellence inspector which we passed with flying colours with all 57 criteria being passed and in some instances passed with extra credit, however we are awaiting his report which we will use along with the survey results to form our action plan for the next 12 months.

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