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Our umbrella contractors said, and we did

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Kerry Hull

Thursday 10th Oct, 2013

It's another year on and time again to provide the actions we have taken based on what our umbrella contractors said in response to the question that was asked in our 2013 survey; what one thing could we do better?

This year there are a number of actions that you said and we have done for example:

You said: Allow for bigger file uploads on the expenses portal

We did: We have now increased the allowable file upload size from 1MB to 2MB - doubling the capacity

However there are also some suggestions that you have said and we will do, for example:

You said: Provide the ability to upload further receipts once some have already been submitted

We will: We are currently working on allowing you to be able to upload multiple receipts to one claim, making the process of submitting receipts even easier!

You can view the complete 'You said, we did' document here.

As always as PayStream we are passionate about delivering great customer service and are continuously looking to improve the services we offer. We value your feedback so if you have any suggestions please email

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