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Kerry Hull

Wednesday 22nd May, 2013

This week we are introducing Nim Burgin from our Customer Care Team. This is our chance to let you get to know who you are working with a little more closely.

Role: I work in the Customer Care Team taking inbound calls for contractors working through our umbrella and CIS services.
About me: I have quite a lot of hobbies: I like swing dancing and making clothes, and volunteer at a local theatre costume hire at the weekends, I don't like keeping still for too long and I'm never happier than when surrounded by piles of pretty fabric.
Personal High: I saw both my best friend's get married in dresses I had made last year which made me so proud!
Likes: Picnics, music you can dance to and old black and white films.
Dislikes: Waiting for buses, I seem to spend half my life doing this!

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