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Tuesday 21st May, 2013

This week we are introducing Colin Thompson who is one of our Client Relationship Managers. This is our chance to let you get to know who you are working with a little more closely.

Role: I really enjoy my role as a CRM as it includes lots of variety. I can be delivering a compliance based presentation to a Board of Directors, training new consultants on Umbrella / Limited Company options, helping branches with pay or technical issues or sharing a few beers with consultants. Ultimately my role is to ensure agencies and consultants receive the service they need from a payroll provider as their support is vital to our success as a company.

About me: I've been at PayStream for almost 5 years after moving from the banking industry. I'm married with 2 children aged 7 and 6 who seem to make more and more of the decisions in my house as they get older.

Career / Personal high: I competed for the British Triathlon Age Group team at the 2012 European Long Distance Championships and touch wood, will finish an MBA this year.

Likes: I was formerly a golf addict but the only downside of the lunches and beers we get to share with consultants was an increasing waistline, so I now spend most of my spare time training for triathlons which I really enjoy. I also love malt whisky and am a member of the Scottish Malt Whisky Society. My son has been playing rugby for 3 years and although it's time consuming, it's a highlight of my weekend chauffeuring him to matches to watch him play. My daughter comes up with increasingly elaborate schemes to persuade me to buy her things, I know I'm spoiling her but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Dislikes: Travelling around the country and seeing different cities is a great perk of the job but the traffic jams I regularly find myself stuck in can bring me close to tears. I try to make use of the time wasted whilst stuck in traffic by listening to French language CD's, I should be fluent by now but I'm far from it!

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