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Interesting findings from our latest marketing survey cons

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Thursday 21st Mar, 2013

The response to our limited company survey exceeded our expectations and the results were very interesting so we thought we'd share some of them with you.

We asked our limited company contractors 'Other than through your dedicated accounts team, how do you keep up to date on issues that affect you as a contractor?' - while 49% advised that they use websites and forums 41% advised that they don't use anything else - it seems that they get all the information they need from their dedicated accounts team and there is no need to look elsewhere as and when they have a problem or query. Their dedicated accounts team is their first port of call, which is exactly what we are here for.

We then went on to ask which websites our limited company contractors use - 52% advised that they used the PayStream site with a further 27% advising that Contractor UK was their website of choice. It is really pleasing to see such a high proportion of our limited company contractors making use of our redesigned website.

When asked which social media platforms they used - LinkedIn was the most popular used by 48% of respondents with Facebook trailing just behind used by 37% of respondents. This reinforces the current agency emphasis on LinkedIn as a tool to identify good quality candidates.

Finally when asked 'What's most important when choosing an accountant?' - Excellent customer services came out on top with 44% which is unsurprising and why we invest so much time and money in ensuring our service is amongst the best. Working with staff who have excellent technical knowledge came second with 29% closely followed by a strong focus on compliance with 23%, all of which are already closely aligned with our service offering and service goals.

Kerry Hull, Marketing Manager says: 'It's always great to get customer insight into how our customers behave when it comes to the likes of social media or identifying what they value in a provider to ensure that we continue to align our services and strategies accordingly. The biggest mistake a company can make is to assume that they know what their customer wants and how they behave, the best way to determine the answers to these questions is to simply ask them.'

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