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PayStream Tax Team: services have been expanded

Paystream News

Kerry Hull

Friday 5th Jul, 2013

PayStream has now extended the services offered by its TAX Team to provide freelance workers and contractors with further leading accountancy services. Clients will be able to access the team for help and guidance towards meeting all tax obligations. The TAX Team will be available to offer solutions and ideas that can mitigate clients' tax liabilities. Clients will be offered tailored opportunities and advice that is entirely suited to their individual needs.

Paul Malley, Managing Director, said: "We are really pleased to announce the launch of our Tax Advisory and Compliance Services as we are always looking for ways to enhance our service offering in order to continue to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Our in-house team of experts are able to provide tailored advice on limited company tax planning and personal tax planning for not only our contractors but for their family as well. It means that whatever stage our contractors are at in their tax life cycle we can offer them expert advice as they need it for as long as they need it.

"We constantly review the services that we offer ensuring that we are giving not only the best service but a service that gives added value as and when possible and the Tax Advisory and Compliance Service is just another one of the initiatives that we’ve been working on."

Limited company contractors are able to receive tax planning advice before moving forward with a range of actions, including:

  • Taking up a contract overseas
  • Acquiring assets through their company such as machinery, properties, vehicles etc
  • Investing through their company
  • Extending company shareholding
  • Planning a company exit strategy
  • Seeking reliefs or deductions

If you are selected by HMRC for a compliance check and investigation the TAX Team is available to help collate any information required and support you through for a company or personal HMRC investigation.

Guidance and assistance is available from the TAX Team for Self-Assessment Tax Returns, including:

  • Avoiding penalties by completing Returns on time
  • Warning of possible tax liabilities
  • Chasing for early repayment any tax overpaid
  • Ensuring Returns are correct

The TAX Team are also available to provide personal tax planning for clients and their families. The tax planning services include:

  • Finding opportunities for enhanced personal pension investments
  • Advising on the tax treatment of your investments
  • Checking for possible Inheritance Tax liabilities
  • Identifying reliefs and deductions for Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax
  • Retirement planning

Umbrella companies are also now able to access PAYE health check services. The TAX Team are able to:

  • Check PAYE codes are accurate
  • Maximise allowable expense claims
  • Provide information on any further allowances or reliefs
  • Ensure personal pension contributions are providing correct levels of tax relief
  • Advise on taxation of Child Benefit rules

For more information on what our TAX Team can do for you please phone 0800 197 6516 (option 3) or email

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