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in the agency spotlight - july

Paystream News

Tuesday 30th Jul, 2013

This week we are introducing Kane Drinkwater from our New Business Team. This is our chance to let you get to know who you are working with a little more closely.

Role - I am a new business consultant. My main duty involves providing quotes to prospective new contractors, followed by managing the joining process from quote through to joining.

About me - I left University a year ago, worked selling software for a while before working at PayStream. I'm currently saving for a new car (BMW 123 m sport). I run a couple of music events specialising in Hip hop music, where I act as both promoter and DJ.

Career - Getting through the PayStream interview process and finally landing myself a proper career-orientated job!

Likes - Intrinsic rewards gained from a successfully completed action. I also have a passion for electronic music and movies.

Dislikes - Spiders; they are horrible, too fast and can crawl up your arm into your mouth.

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