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Thursday 24th Jan, 2013

A great start to the New Year at PayStream - we have been recognised by contractors voting in the Contractor UK Reader Awards as the best umbrella provider in 2012 having been runner up in the previous year. In addition we were voted runner up in the best Accounting provider category for the second consecutive year and we have also been recognised with the Customer Service Excellence standard. During the year we have implemented a number of service enhancements as requested directly by our customers following our own customer surveys. We feel that by taking this approach and listening to what our customers actually want and using this to continually improve our offering is what has resulted in these achievements and we are delighted that this has been recognised by contractors across the UK.

Economically 2012 was a tough year with mixed performance in the recruitment market as discussed below, and early economic data suggests that 2013 will similarly be a mixed year as a number of uncertainties exist in the markets. Once again, recruitment businesses, providers and contractors will not have it easy - but the market is a large one and those working to enhance their offering such that they deliver greater value than before will be successful.

At PayStream, we will stick to our guns and continue to focus on providing sound tailored advice to agency, consultant and contractor alike, ensuring that contractors go into the service that's right for them, rather than what’s right for the provider, and so providing great service and maximum pay in a compliant way.

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