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An IT department update

Paystream News

Thursday 24th Jan, 2013

We haven't made much noise about new IT developments for a couple of months as the development team have got their heads down on a big project to re-architect our payroll software from the ground up, in the latest technologies making it more flexible than ever.

They are managing to squeeze a few bits and pieces in though, mainly around the PayStream portal.

Here is a short and sweet update of what else is on the cards:

Portal Redesign:
There's a redesign of the look and feel of the portal due imminently to smarten up the interface. The changes should increase usability and bring it more in line with our recently redesigned website.

Additional portal functionality:
One of the challenges with Real Time Information or RTI as it is commonly known, which is the information about Income Tax, National Insurance contributions (NICs) and other deductions which employers will have to provide to HMRC in real time when payments are made, instead of waiting until after the end of the tax year, is ensuring that the personal details of our contractors are kept current and up to date, so we're also adding in the ability to edit details through the portal.

Those aside it's the usual long nights, strong coffee and bad jokes.

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